History 3442 Group Blog

Hathaway, R.W. and J.K. Wright. Hathaway’s Guide and Birds-Eye Map of Winnipeg [map].
Scale not given. Canada: R.W. Hathaway, 1911. It is from Wyman Laliberte’s site: https://www.flickr.com/photos/manitobamaps/2825450318/in/album-72157603459135495/

This is the group blog created by History 3442 at the University of Manitoba in the fall of 2019. The professor for the course is Dr. Adele Perry, History and Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Manitoba.

Here we will tell lost history and stories about racialized and Indigenous people and communities and the institutions they created in the city of Winnipeg. Our focus is on the twentieth-century.

We began with three sites: the headquarters of the Order of the Sleeping Car Porters, the Chinese Cultural Centre, and the Indian and Metis Friendship Centre. We did primary research on these places, and the organizations and people associated with them. Each student contributed a post, which you can find here.

The blog is organized thematically. Each subject was studied by a group of approximately seven students.

We would like to thank Shelley Sweeney and Nicole Courrier and the University of Manitoba Archives and Special Collections, James Gorton from the Archives of Manitoba/Hudson’s Bay Company Archives, and Alex Snukal from the University of Manitoba’s Media Lab for their help in the research process and in setting up this blog. Glenn Bergen from the University of Manitoba Press suggested the map that is on the cover.

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